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Growing Stronger Together

WALKING WITH OUR PARTICIPANTS | The Matthews House's mission is to empower youth and families by building trusting relationships and providing resources to disrupt the cycles of poverty and abuse. Since 2005, we have lived out our mission in Larimer County and provided families with the resources and tools needed to be self-sufficient in our community. In 2020, we served over 3,000 people through our services.

A YEAR TO REMEMBER | One year ago, everything changed. As an agency, we knew that providing academic support was crucial to the well-being of our youth. In one of the neighborhood communities, 95% of all families do not have internet; therefore, schooling was not going to be possible. Since that day, we have worked tirelessly to adapt our programs to provide the support needed, while prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our families. In less than one year, we have grown our academic support programs by 800%. We have 14 sites across Loveland and Fort Collins. At each of these sites, academic support along with resources are provided to the youth and families.

OUR WORK IN SCHOOLS | Two of our 14 sites are located within the Poudre School Districts (PSD) high schools in Fort Collins. Throughout remote learning, these high schools are open to the most vulnerable students, many who come from marginalized populations and/or experience homelessness. Our sites, in partnership with PSD, have supported a safe space, meals, transportation, and academic support. For these students, these resources have been vital to helping them earn their credits toward graduation while also helping meet the basic needs of their families

This fall, our students came into the program with an average of 45% in their classes. By the end of the semester, their average grade was 73%! This summer we are looking at supporting nearly 200 high school students through summer enrichment, case management, and credit recovery to help continue to reduce the gap in graduation disparities for students of color and economically disadvantaged. Your support will allow us to continue to serve them in the capacity they deserve. To learn more about the collaborative work being done in Larimer County click here.

LEARN MORE | To learn more about our mission and programs click here! If you have any questions, reach out to us at info@thematthewshouse.org or call 970.472.4293.