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Expanding access to music for underserved youth

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OUR MISSION: Expand access to music for underserved youth in Northern Colorado

There is a lack of inclusive and culturally relevant music opportunities available to youth, particularly for teens from system-involved, low income, and broken homes.

We work to break down these barriers and bridge the gap between the music world and human services by:
  • connecting and supporting local youth, musicians, programs, venues, and recording studios
  • showcasing and celebrating the community created by this network
  • leveraging connections in the national music scene to create unique opportunities for local youth

Please join us in this work by considering a donation or simply telling a friend. It takes a community to make the change we want to see!

Find more info at: www.upliftfoco.com

This year's annual showcase event will be Sunday, November 13th, at the Aggie Theatre. We would love to see you there!