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Our End of Year Campaign, Woven Together, is about family. Family is not just a fixed binary. It is not always something biological, often it is sought, chosen, and fought for. The notion of woven alludes to something being formed, created, and connected; it is a process of unifying and uniting in hopes of creating something far more secure and sustainable.

The Matthews House was formed to empower youth and families with a goal of disrupting cycles of poverty in Northern Colorado. The threads that make up our tapestry are the clients, donors, and staff; a chosen family woven as one. A member of our family, Kayla, was first introduced to us while living in a less than ideal living environment. Although her fabric was frayed, she stepped forward with courage and allowed for us to walk alongside her. The garment was still intact, she yearned for a better life, not only for herself, but for the children she was raising. The father of her children passed away unexpectedly, making Kayla a young widow. Her traumas and challenges led her to become homeless, but because she was no longer walking alone the team at The Matthews House worked diligently to secure resources for her and her family. They garnered access to a housing voucher that got her off the street and secured donations that enabled the cultivation of a home.

They have now been housed for over a year and are a thriving familial unit. Kayla has three children in preschool and a newborn Raiden. The garment that was tattered and torn has now become anew. In addition, she is providing a home for her teenage niece who is experiencing personal hardships. She continues to thread the needle of grace amidst her own balancing act and we are beyond grateful to be a part of the patchwork of her story.

Woven Together is more than just a campaign, it is a conscious decision to make life better and to provide better lives for those within our community. So please partner with us and donate today so that individuals like Kayla can continue to prosper. Your contribution, regardless of size, is a valued thread in the work we do.